NIH eRA systems now accept longer project titles


NIH’s eRA systems can now accept project titles (item 11 on the SF424 R&R cover form) of up to 200 characters. That’s right – eRA systems will no longer truncate your project titles to 81 characters. Over the years we have seen some rather unfortunate truncations so this is a welcome and long overdue change.


Keep in mind that when submitting a Revision application, you must use the exact project title displayed in eRA Commons for the awarded application. If the project title of the awarded grant was truncated to 81 characters, then only those 81 characters can be used for the Revision application.

Extension for NIH deadlines between May 25 - 28

To accommodate scheduled federal system downtime, the National Institutes of Health announced a deadline adjustment. Due dates that fall on or between May 25 and May 28, 2014 will move to May 29, 2014. Please see for further information.

Chancellor White visits SF State campus


In early September, Chancellor White visited SF State for a two-day campus tour.


On Wednesday morning, Dr. White attended a research and scholarship forum, which gave students and faculty from several campus departments an opportunity to share their latest work with the chancellor and University leadership.


Presentations from faculty and students included Dr. Kimberly Tanner and Hibba Ashraf (Biology/CoSE); Dr. Julie Chronister with Kurt Silver and Melissa Lawton (Counseling/HSS); Dr. Ezequiel Morsella and Allison Allen (Psychology/CoSE); Dr. Gloria Soto and Catherine Lipson (Special Education/ED); Dr. Michael Anderson and Alicia Hightower (Classics, LCA); Dr. Connie Ulasewic and Daniela Zesati (Consumer & Family Studies/HSS); Dr. Teaster Baird, Jr. and Commodore St. Germain (Chemistry & Biochemistry/ CoSE).


Chancellor White speaks with Provost Rosser and President Wong

Research and Scholarship Forum

Federal Government Reopens - Updates


Updated: October 24, 2013


Effective October 17, 2013, the federal government has reopened.

ORSP will keep lines of communication open with the campus community and as we receive new information, we will update our website ( ) and will send out special memos and notifications to affected PI groups, departments and colleges.

ORSP is committed to minimizing the impact on PI projects and funding, as well as proposal submissions.

Please be sure to remain in contact with your Grant Administrator or Sponsored Programs Manager if you have any questions or concerns.  A list of agency announcements is provided below.


National Science Foundation


Natiional Institutes of Health (NIH)

ORSP offers free external pre-review of federal proposals


Federal grants are hard to get, and recent changes in the number of submissions allowed to the NIH, for example, require that proposals be pitch-perfect before they go out. Because of this, faculty in many universities have found that pre-review of their proposals through external consultants reveals problems that can be fixed before final submission.


If you would like to request ORSP to pay for a pre-review of any federal agency proposal, please complete the online Request for External Review form.