Management Education Award

Associate Professors of Management Antoaneta Petkova and Eric Lamm, together with management major and graduate student Monique Domingo, won the prestigious Best Paper in Management Education Award for "Let's Be Frank: The Real Improvement in Student Teamwork Effectiveness Following Peer Feedback." The Management Education and Development division of the Academy of Management presents the award for the paper that offers the most significant contribution to management education and development. It is sponsored by the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society and the Journal of Management Education.

NIAID Funding News

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a subsidary of the National Institute of Health offers opportunities and resources in the field of Immunogens, Epidemiology and Technology. 


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Astronomer discovers Gaint Planet Orbiting 2 Suns

(Image courtesy: Lynette Cook, SF State in the news)

San Francisco State University astronomer Stephen Kane is among a team of researchers who have discovered a new planet that orbits two suns simultaneously. With a mass and radius nearly identical to that of Jupiter, the planet, Kepler-1647b, is the largest circumbinary planet — a planet that orbits two stars — ever discovered. The stars it orbits are similar in size to our Sun, and it also has the largest orbit of any circumbinary planet ever found.


Kane, an associate professor of astrophysics at SF State and co-author of the discovery paper, currently serves as chair of the Kepler Habitable Zone Working Group. 

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CSUPERB Announces Grant Awards to CSU Faculty and Students

CSUPERB Announces 30 Spring 2016 Grant Awards to CSU Faculty and Students. Awards were made as part of three competitive CSUPERB grant programs: New Investigator, Research Development and Entrepreneurial Joint Venture.  Averaged across all programs, awards were made to 25% of the proposals received.  Individual awards won by SFSU faculty are listed below: 

Robyn Crook (Biology, San Francisco State University)

CSUPERB New Investigator Award: $15,000 for the proposal titled “Linking nociceptive circuit plasticity to complex defensive behavior”

Rori Rohlfs (Biology, San Francisco State University)

CSUPERB New Investigator Award: $15,000 for the proposal titled “Identifying the role of alternative splicing in adaptive evolution”

Xiaorong Zhang (School of Engineering, San Francisco State University)

CSUPERB New Investigator Award: $15,000 for the proposal titled “Toward the Next‐Generation Neural Controlled Artificial Arms”

Taro Amagata (Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Francisco State University)

CSUPERB Faculty‐Student Collaborative Research Development Grant Award: $15,000 for the proposal titled “Discovery of novel solid tumor selective cytotoxins produced by marine‐derived actinomycetes”


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ORSP Small Grant Presentation

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) invites the campus community to the annual Research Roundup. This stimulating event highlights the work of the ORSP Individual/Collaborative grant awardees. 

Each year the faculty who received ORSP small grants (internal funding) present their research/projects for about 5 minutes then answer questions for another 5 minutes. It’s very interesting learning about the wonderful research and projects happening on our campus.  

Come discover the wonderful scholarship and research happening on our campus.

Join us from 12:30 to 4:30 pm on June 13, 2016 in Library 121.

Here is the full Schedule